Zommie The Astronaut

The Legend Of Zommie


Zommie grew up on her clan's farm, and since she was a child she always helped her parents with the household chores. Her family was responsible for a huge orchard full of delicious fruits that served as food for the entire clan, and also for trade with other communities. In the late afternoon, when their parents returned home from work, the three of them would gather to contemplate the beautiful sunset, and imagine the faraway places that could exist at home in the bright spot in the sky. Lemon was the most abundant fruit on the farm, and Zommie did not waste this opportunity. Whenever she could, she made lemonade and it was great for quenching her parents' thirst after a hot day's work.

Farm life was Zommie's favorite thing to do, and she really enjoyed it. The post-harvest month, when the whole clan would gather in one house for a week of feasting and abundance was her favorite time of the year. Since she was a baby Zommie had always loved music and dancing, and just before the harvest season, she always used to make up some verses and dance moves to share with the clan.

Once, during one of her family's harvest seasons, the clan decided that the gathering would be at Zommie's house, so the young unicorn decided to prepare a big performance to show her talent to everyone. That day was spectacular and everyone had a great time. The clan enjoyed Zommie's performance so much that they decided to give her a gift for the next year, which was a beautiful acoustic guitar and one of her aunts came every week to teach her. That year was one of the best the unicorn had ever experienced. All-day long she was learning and improving with her guitar, and since then Zommei has always cheered up the parties and those who visited her house with beautiful songs, and she never put her guitar aside, thus becoming a great friend to her. Zommie was always fascinated by the stars, every evening after sunset she would spend hours observing the strange shapes formed by the stars and she loved to draw them, scribbling on the paper with different colors.

Despite loving her life on the farm, Zommie's dream had always been to go to Unia, the only city in her world known for its center for the study of the stars and the cosmos. Some said the city was nothing more than a collection of rumors of a magical city, beyond the dangers of the wilderness. It was also said that the "crazy" inhabitants of that city had created a magic wand capable of making the stars more closely visible. To her parents and family, Zommie was just a young girl playing make-believe, but to her, this dream was a reality in her future, and she never stopped thinking about it.

Once 18 solar cycles had passed, her physical and mental maturity were fully developed, and when this happens to unicorns, they undergo an interesting transformation. Their horns begin to emit a magical glow, absorbing and strongly emitting the light of the Triple Suns. Zommie loved this new glow and would wake up before the rise of the Triple Suns just to see her horn light up and absorb energy!

It was one of these magical mornings of contemplating the sky that Zommie realized that, despite being grateful for her amazing life with her family farmers, she had to pursue her dream of traveling to Unia to study the stars. Her decision was made, and she gathered her family and the rest of the clan to deliver the news. Everyone in the was saddened by her decision, and some of her family members even tried to convince her to stay. her parents instantly realized the true importance of this life-long dream for their daughter and decided to fully support her!

Her mother, fearing that she would not be able to manage in the city, gave her the family's cherished cookbook. This book held generations of secrets to prepare the most delicious delicacies of her clan so Zommie could always be close to them. Whenever preparing a recipe from this book she would remember them all. The day of the farewell was very hard for everyone, but the pain eased greatly when Zommie promised them that she would come back to see them and tell them all about her discoveries and adventures.

Zommie then began the perilous journey on foot, and while it was hard, it took her no more than 21 days and 21 nights to reach Unia. The unicorn was amazed. The city was futuristic and beautiful. It had lights at night that were powered by free energy in the sky. All the construction was far different from her farm or any of the towns she had ever seen, and the people seemed very nice. Unfortunately, when she finally found the study center, she was met with the bitter news that they only accepted male unicorns! Zommie was devastated, but she was unwilling to quit.

As she walked the streets of Unia refusing to return home empty-handed, she met Sunny, a young musician who soon noticed Zommie's talent for music. For some time, Zommie joined Sunnie's band, livening up the streets and establishments. Zommie spent a good while living the life of a traveling musician, and formed a very close bond with the band, returning to being the cheerful unicorn everyone knew.

As happy as she was one day, her dream to pursue the stars became deeply strong within her again, and that desire to not give up on the stars came back. She came up with a plan to be accepted into the study center. Her idea was to make delicious sweets from the recipes in the book her mother gave her and sell them inside the study center.

As time went by everyone got to know Zommie and her delicious sweets, loving them and becoming something everyone talked about. That was how the director of the study center came to know Zommie and offered her a job as a cook! Although it was not exactly the path she had manifested, she knew it was a big step towards achieving her dream, so she gladly accepted under the condition that she be allowed to learn about the stars! After all, why couldn't a unicorn woman learn about such things? Such a request caused tension, the male unicorns of the CSS (Center for Stellar Studies) feared that the brightness of her glowing horn could damage the space visualization devices. After some serious debate and discussion, the decision was made to accept her, but on the condition that she always kept her glowing horn covered. For the young unicorn, this condition was more than acceptable, and finally, after so much effort, she managed to achieve her dream, and as soon as she could she began to study!

The male unicorns were fascinated by Zommie's sage-like knowledge of both the stars and of sweets, and in time they couldn't help but come to both love and expect her cheerful presence. Upon realizing that their concerns about the shiny horns of the females were easy to resolve,it was decided that anyone was allowed to study. Time went on, and a few fascinating years down the road, Zommie had grown into a connoisseur of the cosmos and the sweets that they had to offer. While looking through archived documents, she found an old project that could potentially help get the unicorns off the planet and out, into space! The idea delighted her greatly, and she imagined herself exploring all the different planets and galaxies she had studied and read about. She immediately went to her classmates and showed them the master plan she had engineered.

Many of them thought that this plan was nothing more than a terribly crazy idea, but some of them were just as excited as Zommie, so they decided to dive into the study of these ideas with her. It was after many failed attempts and setbacks that they realized that, in reality, this project had never been finished because nothing could produce enough energy to make it work! Despite this bad news Zommie did not give up and started thinking of different ways to supply it with adequate power.

One Summer afternoon when Zommie went to visit her family, the women of the clan had gathered to chat in the afternoon sun. Zommie noticed that all their horns were glowing brightly, which was normal, but she also saw that some rocks on a mountain in the distance began to mimic that light very brightly. Zommie had an idea that would change Al-Mon forever! Perhaps the horns of the women could somehow power the project!

She rushed back to the study center to tell everyone about this great idea she had. She gathered the most skilled engineers and inventors to present this collection of new information to them. If they could create something with the material from the mountains that simulated a telescope but could capture and magnify the light from the horns of the female unicorns, this energy could certainly be used as an energy source.

After more failed attempts and much preparation, Zommie's team succeeded in creating a device made of reflective crystals and mirrors, the housing was carved from the material gathered in the mountains, greatly increasing the light absorption and transforming it into energy. This difficult project became the first spacecraft created in Al-Mon, and Zommie was the first astronaut. This spacecraft was christened "The Luminous Horn" and it was thus that Zommie Mommie, a unicorn woman who never gave up her dreams, revolutionized the entire world and became the first unicorn to explore outer space.

Zommie The Astronaut

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